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Philipp Andriopoulos

Philipp Andriopoulos is a level C certified brand strategist and CESE certified online marketing expert based in Berlin.

In 2012, he started working as a creative entrepreneur, and began advising companies on their digital brand strategy in 2018.

He refined his knowledge of brand strategy, learning, from renown branding guru, Marty Neumeier. Philipp specializes in purpose-driven brand strategy for food businesses and startups.

As online marketing manager, he built up the digital presence of the retail companies Radatz & Stastnik: the largest family-owned meat manufacturing company in Austria.

What does An Soeng mean?

An Soeng means relaxed success in ancient Korean.

A relaxed mind is a clear mind. Clarity enables us to be calm and endure the challenges of creating a business and building a brand. There is a Buddhist saying “flowing like water, sharp like a blade.” That’s how your mind needs to be when creating a brand.

Certified Brand Specialist
Certified Brand Strategist